Azetx Group

Sports equipment - distribution in Poland. The offer on the domestic market is Azetx own brand, under which are offered floorball rinks, goals and other sport equipment. We are the exclusive distributor of the brand Qmax brand from Finland, and LEXX straight from Switzerland. At our warehouse in Konin is available a full range offered on In our offer you will find a full size AZETX clothes for goalkeeper and any length floorball sticks.

-Production of sports equipment for floorball - distribution in foreign markets. 90% of products for domestic is offered on foreign markets for our distributors in Europe, South America and North, Asia, Australia and Oceania. Each distributor receives support from our company. We prepare the offer with the costs of supplies into individual postcodes, after receiving the order are priced services are manufactured to the warehouse or distributor to the end customer. We arrange customs clearance and transportation to the customer under the terms of Incoterms 2000.

The new offer of our company in response to the demands of foreign markets. We warehouse logistics, management offices and a warehouse for foreign customers. IT service for our customers. We also manufacture packaging and advertising materials. Our cooperation with foreign clients allows the newly formed companies to reduce costs at the start of running a business in their home country, in addition, we can organize transport, customs clearance of import and export and manufacture to order.

We are the exclusive distributor of floating modules Magic Float. We design and make every shape of high quality jetty, with HDPE material, based on Magic Float system. The height of the bridge will be adapt to your needs. We can connect any type of floating modules with each other. Magic Float System offer all kinds of accessories which are made exclusively with high-quality German LUPOLEN granules or other materials eg. galvanized steel or stainless steel.