You find a company that will help you reduce the cost of operation of the business. We can guide you to the office, where we will be in constant contact with the entrusted to a group of customers.

We are specialists in warehouse management. Entrusting us with their products or semi-finished products, we will be producing the finished products from them, we will pack them according to your suggestions and deliver to the customer. We can prepare for the state records storage and all sales documents.

With co-operation with the customs agency, we can send each load – by wheel, air and sea transport. Our loads reach any place in the world! We can take care of the search for the best transport and coordination and supervision of delivery of goods.









Office management

We offer a comprehensive service tailor-made to meet your requirements. Together with our company obniżycie their management costs and office usprawnicie your company activity. With our experience and knowledge gained on the domestic and foreign markets become competitive in their industry. Easily we adapt to the needs of business conditions in the state.



We have a large inventory prepared for storage of all types of goods - from small packages by goods on pallets to the pallet and over size. Zoned division of the warehouse to store goods with different characteristics and applications. We provide services related to record-keeping warehouse. With our solutions, we will enable our partners to preview or the possibility of working together in the system on.line company Azetx. Now it will not matter if the goods are in stock in your country, or whether it will be safe to store Azetx. At any time, our solutions create all kinds of documents for the possibility of a full preview of history and changes in inventory or operations associated with the selected product.



With this service, we can prepare for the state every dimension cartons. An additional advantage is the ability to print any logos, lettering or images on paper. Our experience is a long-term cooperation with the most demanding customers. Promotional materials are made of paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard, as well as combined plastics, wood, metal and other. Especially for the state, we can produce any size, type and color of the straps for packing. You can print, logos, images and any inscription on the tape.



The scope of our services embrace large format prints, prints UV prints using thermal plotter 3D. While large format prints we use machines from Roland, which is the world market leader in offset printing machines. UV printing is one of the most modern technologies used for the needs of large-format printing. You can print on virtually any material which is flat. In our offer you will find a wide selection of gadgets, ie. Cups, lanyards, t-shirts, business cards, pens, flyers and others. In addition, we service laser cutting and engraving. Laser cut and engraved plexiglass with high accuracy, which allows you to do precisely even very small detail. With the laser you can perform even the most sophisticated decorative element.



Our goal is to provide comprehensive services. In the era of globalization, it is not important whether our client is in the country or on the other side of the world. Below briefly described everything what you can expect by working with us:

- Computer service for customers, if you have a problem with the computer or other programs, you've come to the right address,
- Need remote support, connect with us,
- You need a person to deal with the marketing strategy on the web, we will manage the budget and open for you new online sales channels,
- They need someone who will exercise care information technology, then you can count on an experienced group of specialists itDesk,
- You want to create a new website or web portal,


If we do not have a dedicated service for you on offer, write to us, we will adapt to your needs !!!

Satisfaction in 100%